Section 3: Productivity in Language and Linguistics

Section Leader: Professor Ronald Kresta (Giessen, Germany)

Talks (in alphabetical order):

Publish in English or Perish - Language Discrimination Risks in Academia (e.g. Business Ethics) (Abstract)

Sara El-Sayed Ibrahim (Alexandria, Egypt):
Gender Representation in Disney Animation Dubbings - A Feminist Perspective (Abstract)
Problematizing Language: The Native Speaker and Deleuze (Abstract)

Professor Irina Gvelesiani (Tbilisi, Georgia):
Some Neologisms – Their Productivity and Dissemination (Abstract)

New Applications in Modeling Bilingualism Via Fractional Dynamics (Abstract)

Insights from the Royal Society Corpus on English Academic Writing (Abstract)

Professor Jozsef Szakos (Taipei, Taiwan):
Innovation and Productivity in the Transmission of Indigenous Languages of Taiwan (Abstract)

Professor Brikena Xhaferi (Tetovo, Republic of North Macedonia):
Disagreement Strategies in Albanian and English – A Contrastive Analysis (Abstract)