Section 4: Productivity in Language Teaching

Talks (in alphabetical order):

Is it Magic, Child’s Play or Perhaps… Complexity?: A Post-Teaching Approach to Additional Language Emergence in Adults (Abstract) (Talk cancelled)

Persistent Accentual Features of German Pre-Service EFL Teachers (Abstract)

Professor Sandro R. Barros (East Lansing (MI), USA):
The Magic of Training Foreign Language Educators (Abstract)

Professor Joara Martin Bergsleithner (Brasília, Brazil):
Cognitive Aspects and Instruction in L2 Oral Productivity (Abstract)

Dr. Adcharawan Buripakdi (Nakorn Ratchasima, Thailand):
Disturbing the Conventional Discourse in English Education: Asian Perspectives (Abstract)

Professor Anna Burnley (Tallahassee, Florida, USA):
An Exploration of Pre-Service Teachers’ Measures of Emotional Resilience and Flexibility / Openness toward English Learners (Abstract)

The Big Five Personality Factors as Predictors of English Language Reading Anxiety: a Comparative Study on Moroccan and Korean EFL learners (Abstract) (Last-minute cancellation)

Dr. Rudi Camerer (Frankfurt / Saarbrücken, Germany):
Introducing the new CEFR-Companion Volume (CEFR-CV) (Abstract)

Greek-Cypriot Learners’ Knowledge of Phrasal Verbs (Abstract)

Professor Olga Dobrunoff (West Point, USA):
Modality in Russian and Development of Students' Cultural and Pragmatic Competence (Abstract)

Professor Martin East (Auckland, New Zealand):
Enhancing Foreign Language Students’ Spoken Proficiency through a new Classroom-Based Assessment Model. A Case Study (Abstract)

Adapting Teaching to Learning Styles in Primary Education (Abstract)

Dr. Alexander Gerashchenko & Professor Tatiana Shaposhnikova (Krasnodar, Russia):
A Course of English for Teachers within the International Mobility Project at a Russian Technological University (Abstract)

Teaching (How to Teach) Vocabulary: A Moodle-Based Blended Learning Class at University Level Focusing on Learning Styles (Abstract) (Last-minute cancellation)

Incidental Focus on Form Revisited through the Lenses of Formulaic Language (Abstract) (No-show)

Norman Gomez-Hernandez (Mainz, Germany):
The Magic of Manipulation through Language: Rewriting and Ideology in Language Policies in Hispanic-American History (Abstract) (Last-minute cancellation)

Setting Up Classes for the Magic to Happen (Abstract)

Professor Noureddine Guerroudj (Sidi Bel Abbes, Algeria):
Teaching Alice Munroe’s short story Face in an EFL Context: towards an interactive approach (Abstract)

Professor Birgit Huemer, Professor Katrien Deroey & Dr. Eve Lejot (Luxemburg):
Comparing Academic Languages: German, English, French (Abstract)

Professor Hulya Ipek & Dr. G. Müge Kanatlar (Eskişehir, Turkey):
Enhancing Language Production through Speaking: The TV Project (Abstract)

Self-perceived Competence and L2 Willingness to Communicate: Findings from an Empirical Investigation (Abstract)

How Adult are Greek University Students in an English-for-Specific-Academic-Purposes Class? A Case Study (Abstract)

The Interplay between Language and Content - Building Blocks of CLIL-Enriched Innovative Language Teaching (Abstract)

Bochra Kouraichi (Szeged, Hungary):
Improving ESP Students’ Motivation towards Communicating in English (Abstract)

Bewitched yes, but not for life: An empirical investigation of persistent sound-related errors by German college students in ESP classes (Abstract)

Professor Oksana Kutsa & Professor Svitlana Kravets (Ternopil, Ukraine):
Developing Emotional Intelligence in the English Language Classroom Using Technology: Challenges and Benefits (Abstract)

Chahrazad Mouhoubi-Messadh (Algiers, Algeria):
The Magic of Enjoyment in Foreign Language Productivity: Insights from Speaking and Writing Classes (Abstract) (Last-minute cancellation)

Supalak Nakhornsri (Bangkok, Thailand):
From the Classroom to the Real World: Application of Outcomes-Based Assessment in English Courses (Abstract) (No-show)

Professor Goretti Prieto Botana & Professor Andrea G. Parra (Los Angeles, USA):
The Effectiveness of Short-Term Study Abroad on Complex Grammatical Items (Abstract)

Professor Alesia Prakharenka & Professor Tatyana Vaitekhovich (Minsk, Belarus):
The Heuristic Potential of Educational Pages in Social Media (Abstract)

Communicative Approaches and Assignment-Based Learning – A Case Study at the Language Centre of the Southeast European University (Abstract) (Last-minute cancellation)

Professor Víctor Hugo Ramírez Ramírez, Professor Verónica Rodríguez Luna & Professor Jorge Martínez Cortés (Veracruz, Mexico):
The Alchemistic Power to Transform Readers to Writers in the EFL Classroom (Abstract)
(Last-minute cancellation)

Rodrigo Rodrigues (Curitiba, Brazil):
Foreign Language Teaching in a Needy Community in Brazil (Abstract)

Sid Ali Selama (Algiers, Algeria):
Training on Educational Technologies and its Effectiveness in Enhancing EFL Classroom Practices (Abstract)

Safia Serai (Portsmouth, United Kingdom):
An Investigation of Translanguaging in Algerian University EFL Classrooms (Abstract)

Geoff Tranter (Dortmund, Germany):
Making ESP Courses Meaningful and Profitable for University Students (Abstract)

Pronunciation Problems of Thai EFL-Teaching Major Students (Abstract)

Developing a Language Course to Teach English for Communication to Administrative Staff in an International University (Abstract)